Friday, April 28, 2017

Kent McDaniel

Basic Band Info
Kent McDaniel
He Flies
Indie Rock
Hank Williams
Steve Miller
Band Description
Kent McDaniel writes straight from the heart. Sings like "John Prine crossed with Roy Orbison" according to one writer. And his guitar work "sparkles with melody while slinging fire," according to another.
Kent McDaniel was born in Paducah, Kentucky. After school he moved to Chicago, which he regrets each January. He's played in about every kind of band, and appeared everywhere from The Last Stop Tavern in Massac County, to The Other End in New York. Currently he and his wife and friends appear around Chicago, where they mix styles and instrumentation with abandon. His lyrics are catchy, but that doesn't make them shallow. And don't say it does.

The songs on He Flies are singer/songwriter music--the same way Chuck Berry's and Hank Williams' tunes were. They come straight from the heart, say something, and rock. You'll hear blues, country, jazz and rock here, sometimes all in the same song.

The album features twelve tunes, ten originals and two classic blues standards.

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