Sunday, January 7, 2018

Dub Album of 2018 - RIDDIM Magazine

Hope you're doing well and a Happy 2018 to you. The new release is almost ready for launch. It'll be out Jan 19th worldwide on 12" vinyl, CD & digital.  It can be pre-ordered (vinyl, cd, digital) from Amazon now and digitally at iTunes  you can preview the tracks there as well. 

RIDDIM Magazine just published a really nice review calling it the Dub Album of 2018 - a little early to make that call but I do appreciate it. Thank you to Rene Wyands for his kind words. 
The album spans genres while always maintaining dub/reggae sonics and approach. From the very Dubby "Shabby Attack" to the more ethereal "Great Escape", to the vintage late 70s rub-a-dub sound of "Frenchman Code ft Treson" to the Massive-Attack-esque Dictionary. All roads were formed by the foundation of dub and this album not only encompasses and pays homage to these roots, but explores the various paths dub continues on from to this day. 
I brought in some guests to share the experience of creating this album and they include
Prince Alla, Screechy Dan, Megative, Jay Spaker, Treson, Pato Irie, Bill King, Pablo Paul, Shaky, Illorn, Aaron Kazmer and The Heavyweights Brass Band, 
I thank you sincerely for having been there with me for all these years and hope you'll take a moment to listen to the album and pick up a copy if you're feeling it. 
Massive respect 
Sneak Peak Video #7 - Great Escape     /

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