Sunday, January 7, 2018

Moni, The Big La, Todd Kelley, new music on Bandcamp

Moni, The Big La, Todd Kelley, and 13 others bought new music on Bandcamp:
  1. Overlord of the pleasuredome (album) Cover Art

    Overlord of the pleasuredome (album)
    by Black Mammoth

    Bought by Steve Rodger
    “Gods holy trousers !! Saturated fuzz that has everything I love on my heavy tick list ...” Favorite track: Overlord of the Pleasuredome
  2. Attack of the Mammoth Cover Art

    Attack of the Mammoth
    by SUMOKEM

    Bought by Steve Rodger
    “While waiting on the vinyl release of The Guardian Yosemite thought I’d treat myself to a cool shirt ...”

    by EGYPT

    Bought by Steve Rodger
    “Been waitin’ on the vinyl of this superb album now here it is but you better be quick ...” Favorite track: What Lights This Ocean
  4. Bloath Cover Art

    by Sâol

    Bought by Steve Rodger
    “I do love a two man riff machine and this ends my year on a real high ...” Favorite track: Ocean Forest
  5. Moonshaker Cover Art
  6. Cascade Of Colors Cover Art

    Cascade Of Colors
    by Pansies

    Bought by paul rote
    “These guys are pansies ! The coolest pansies ever ! This is awesome Pop psych brilliance !”
  7. Mk. II / Promethea's Armageddon Cover Art

    Mk. II / Promethea's Armageddon
    by Prisma Circus

    Bought by paul rote
    “Complex and deep , but excellent retro rock . This may take a few listens for some to appreciate. I know I’ll be playing this quite a bit ! ”
  8. Supernaut Cover Art

    by Supernaut

    Bought by paul rote
    “Clean and excellent vocals make this really work . The bands name says it all .” Favorite track: Crystal Witch Cave
  9. Vide Cover Art
  10. falling for u (feat. mxmtoon) Cover Art
  11. Vesper Cover Art
  12. Sudan Archives Cover Art
  13. lover boy (feat. reisha) Cover Art
  14. life. Cover Art
  15. Amerigo Gazaway Cover Art
  16. Jahtarian Dubbers Vol. 2 (LP re-issue) Cover Art
  17. Rhizome Residency - Solos Cover Art
  18. Breaking Free Cover Art
  19. Purplene Cover Art
  20. Speak Up EP Cover Art
  21. Holiday Destination Cover Art
  22. In Passing Ascension CD / 12"LP Cover Art
  23. Ham (Lo44) Cover Art
  24. Late Nights & Heartbreak Cover Art
  25. Stop Look Listen Cover Art
  26. Charms Around Your Wrist Cover Art
  27. The W Likes Cover Art
Finally, here are some fans you might like to follow:
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    Followed by Oscar Garza
  • Gilles Peterson
    London, UK
  • @CelticFrosty
    Austin, Texas
    Followed by Rob Mason
  • DallasD (Synthetix Spotlight)
    Minneapolis, Minnesota
    Followed by Master Harker
  • Dannel Jurado
    New York
    Followed by William Mcgiven (Frission Radio)
  • Bradley Zero
    London, UK
    Followed by Moni, Neil Sherwood and Osunlade.
  • Arttu Sävy
    Followed by Rob Mason
  • Juju Sophie
    Oxford, UK
    Followed by Ethan Diamond, Moni and 4 others.
  • Fredrik Angström
    Followed by Arminda Klier and Kristian S. Larsson
  • Andy O)))
    Louisville, Kentucky
    Followed by Rob Mason, Kristian S. Larsson and Mariana Timony.
  • Nathan
    Minneapolis, Minnesota
    Followed by 初恋ビート, Cesar and Lucas 🌇.
  • Illingsworth
    Detroit, Michigan
    Followed by Moni, Neil Sherwood and M.D.L..
  • Rama
    Oakland, California
    Followed by 初恋ビート and Kristian S. Larsson
  • Craig Kerley
    Atlanta, Georgia
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  • Niccolo Brown
    Warrington, UK
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