Sunday, January 7, 2018

The Halftime Show w/DJ Eclipse 89.1 WNYU December 31, 200... By DJ Eclipse

New show by DJ Eclipse

The Halftime Show w/DJ Eclipse 89.1 WNYU December 31, 2003 Summer School Vol. 1 (93-97)

Here goes an old Halftime Show from New Year's Eve 2003. Music was a little shaky in the early 2000s so I decided to start doing some throwback shows to add some flavor. What started as an idea for one show turned into a monthly installment of specialty shows focusing on specific years. The mid 90s in NYC was a time of change. Majors slowly started looking for more polished acts and sounds as the underground emerged to continue with creative and visual music. Nothing fancy here, but just nice mixes of vinyl joints as I was trying to get as much music into one show as possible. I always figured if you want to hear me cut up these records then go back and listen to when I was first playing them. So press play at 10:30pm tonight (12/31/17) and have this 2003 countdown bring you into 2018 perfectly. Mic breaks at 1:03, 47:03, 89:43 & 147:00.

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