Thursday, November 1, 2018

Sam Green and the Time Machine

Being a singer/songwriter Sam Green survived the road of hard knocks by singing and performing with other troubadours of the street poets.

Having studied music from a young age found himself creating songs as a currency to make bonds and friendships. Sam Green who calls himself the artist Sam Green and the Time Machine life is that of performing when he can. The old trooper feels comfortable in most surroundings whether large or small. Having performed recorded and released of many books and albums are on Amazon his music can be found many places through CDBaby release network. Happy to talk online to those in media to further the cause his number is Australian eastern coast time international dial +61412564404 direct have a passport can travel,, as his songs

Sam Green is mainly listed as Sam Green and the Time Machine but does own the domain as well as which feeds into main web site

Sam Green's music can only be described as " one who takes you back to your childhood memoirs and gives you permission to remember and enjoy "Sam's gentle delivery of his classic hymns and folk songs is humbling and honest. His personal songwriting gives you a  discovery of one's journey. More importantly, Sam as a person is what his music is all about, gentle, honest and humbled. Thank you, Sam, for your contribution, much hugs 

Jeanie Lushes

Sam's live performances of his original compositions feature his hear-felt lyrics human harmony and longing, with his strength and skill full guitar playing. I got swept up by the mood and flow along bliss.

Colman Cohan

You are a very talented musician your music is unique and very deep and very original. I can't understand why musicians need to go overseas to be recognized for their talents. I'm honored to review.

Fay Matzo

Sam Green's email is and is available for performance his website is contact directly at Melbourne Australia eastern coast time international +61412564404

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