Saturday, April 27, 2019

Krewcial - Strictly Niceness #7 By LDBK

New show by LDBK

Krewcial - Strictly Niceness #7

Every month we team up with the Strictly Niceness team to provide you with a warmup set for their upcoming party. If you are in Brussels on May 4th, make sure to join Krewcial, Dj Kwak, DJ Suspect & Mister Critical at La Bodega =>

Krewcial started producing and rapping at age 17, released 2 solo albums (last one on BBE Records) and various collaborations with artists such as Phonte (Little Brother), Oh No, Murs, Kazi and Nia Saw (Zap Mama). With Lefto, he made a jazz edit and remix album for Blue Note. He is currently releasing records on Lumberjacks In Hell, We Play House Records & Mysterious Works. As a DJ, Krewcial mixes the best in hiphop, soul, jazz, house and disco.

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