Thursday, May 21, 2020

Brennen Leigh

DJ’s around the world, here’s a new song:
“Let’s Stay Home” Brennen Leigh, NITE*SKY International

Words and music by Brennen Leigh and Tessy Lou Williams, copyright 2019. Guitar and lead singing by Brennen Leigh. Guitar and harmony singing by Noel McKay.

Visit Brennen Leigh at our website:  click the NITE*SKY RECORDS tab.
 Brennen Leigh is an American songwriter, guitar player, mandolin player and singer whose to-the-point storytelling style has elevated her to cult icon status in Europe, Scandinavia, across the United States, South America and the United Kingdom. It's easy to see why she's caught the ear of greats like legendary Lubbock fiddler Tommy Hancock (widely regarded as the godfather of West Texas music), who was quoted as saying of Leigh's work; "It's great to hear music that affects you on an intellectual level as well as makes you want to dance".
Tour dates:
May 8 Fri
Bankgården with A11
Arendal, Norway

May 9 Sat
Villa Veierland with A11
Veierland, Norway

May 14 Thu
Herr Nilsen with A11
Oslo, Norway

Aug 7 Fri
Podunk Bluegrass Festival (McKay & Leigh)
Goshen, CT, United States

Aug 16 Sun
Fulshear Concerts
Fulshear, TX, United States

NITE*SKY Records International

Andrew Dean

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