Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Hope Spin

Every now and then, an artist emerges like a beacon of light, proudly proclaiming its uniqueness and its potential for sparking a musical revolution with songs that are pleasing to the ears of today's Hip Hop/Pop generation of fans everywhere.

Hope Spin is such an artist. She also expresses herself on stage with raw energetic performances that will wet your appetite for more.

This passionate teen recording artist has a unique style that is sure to appease any music lover that hungers for something new in the Hip-Hop & Pop music arena.


Hailing from and born in Las Vegas, Nevada -USA; Hope, a singer, rapper and dancer was born on the 14th of November. Hope, aka: Hope Spin has been honored with various awards of recognition from within the independent music industry over the past four (4) years.

2012: BMA Las Vegas: "Best Young R&B"
2013: BMA Las Vegas: "Best Pop Performer"
2013: BMA Las Vegas: "Rising Star"
2014: Powerhouse Radio: "Rising Star Of The Year"
2014: Powerhouse Radio: "Recognition For Your Support"
2014: Rock N Soul Awards: "Best Pop Performer"
2015: Powerhouse Radio: "Best Female Vocalist"
2015: Powerhouse Radio: "Video Of The Year"

Hope Spin began singing at the early age and thereafter, started rapping. Her single and video titled "Feel The Beat" was released in 2013. Her video "CAME TO PARTY" was released in Mid April of 2014.
Her newest single "Your Lyin" released in April 2015.

She has been a part of the "Bully Buster 702" school tour since January of 2013

Hope is presently in the studio working on her next songs for her upcoming 2015 EP release.

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