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Esther Ralston

Esther Ralston (1902–1994)

Projected as wholesome but fun-loving, Maine-born leading lady Esther Ralston enjoyed a prime silent age career and, at her peak, was packaged and publicized as "The American Venus" by none other than that of showman Florenz Ziegfeld Jr. after appearing as a dazzling beauty queen in the film of the same name (The American Venus (1926)).
Video Production


 (age 91) in Ventura, California, USA

To the Last Man -1933 - Randolph Scott - Esther Ralston - Shirley Temple

In Kentucky just after the Civil War, the Hayden-Colby feud leads to Jed Colby being sent to prison for 15 years for murder. The Haydens head for Nevada and when Colby gets out of prison he heads there also seeking revenge. The head of the Hayden family tries to avoid more killing but the inevitable showdown has to occur, complicated by Lynn Hayden and Ellen Colby's plans to marry.
Director: Henry Hathaway
Writers: Zane Grey (story), Jack Cunningham (screenplay)
Stars: Randolph Scott, Esther Ralston, Jack La Rue 

Our Five Daughters (TV Series)
Helen Lee (1962)
 1953Broadway Television Theatre (TV Series)
Mrs. Bancroft
The Noose (1953) ... Mrs. Bancroft
 1952Tales of Tomorrow (TV Series)
The Collector
All the Time in the World (1952) ... The Collector
 1952Kraft Theatre (TV Series)
September Tide (1952)
 1940San Francisco Docks
Frances March
 1940Tin Pan Alley
Nora Bayes
 1938Slander House
Ruth De Milo
 1938Letter of Introduction
Mrs. Sinclair (uncredited)
 1938The Spy Ring
Jean Bruce (as Jane Carleton)
 1937The Mysterious Pilot
Vivian McNain [Chs.10-11]
 1937Jungle Menace
Valerie Shields [Chs. 1,3,6,7,15]
 1937As Good as Married
Miss Danforth
 1936We're in the Legion Now
Louise Rillette
Janet Fair
 1936Hollywood Boulevard
Flora Moore
 1935Forced Landing
Ruby Anatole
 1935Streamline Express
Elaine Vincent
 1935Together We Live
 1935Ladies Crave Excitement
Miss Winkler
 1935Mister Dynamite
Charmian Dvorjak
 1934Strange Wives
 1934The Marines Are Coming
Dorothy Manning
 1934Romance in the Rain
Gwen de la Rue
 1934Sadie McKee
Dolly Merrick
 1933By Candlelight
Baroness von Ballin
 1933To the Last Man
Ellen Colby
 1932After the Ball
Elissa Strange
 1932Rome Express
Asta Marvelle
 1931The Prodigal
Antonia Farraday
 1931Lonely Wives
Madeline Smith
 1929The Mighty
Louise Patterson
 1929The Wheel of Life
Ruth Dangan
 1929The Case of Lena Smith
Lena Smith
 1928Half a Bride
Patience Winslow
 1928Sawdust Paradise
 1928Something Always Happens
Diana Mallory
 1928Love and Learn
Nancy Blair
 1927The Spotlight
Lizzie Stokes / Olga Rostova
 1927Figures Don't Lie
Janet Wells
 1927Ten Modern Commandments
Kitty O'Day
 1927Children of Divorce
Jean Waddington
 1927Fashions for Women
Céleste de Givray and Lola Dauvry
 1926Old Ironsides
 1926The Quarterback
Louise Mason
 1926The Blind Goddess
Moira Devens
Molly Martin
 1925The Best People
Alice O'Neil
 1925The Lucky Devil
Doris McDee
 1925The Little French Girl
Toppie Westmacott
 1925The Goose Hangs High
Dagmar Carroll
 1924$50,000 Reward
Carolyn Jordan
 1924K.O. for Cupid (Short)
Holly Malloy
 1924Wolves of the North
Madge Chester
 1924The Title Holder (Short)
Holly Malloy
 1924All's Swell on the Ocean (Short)
Holly Malloy
 1924A Society Knockout (Short)
Holly Malloy
 1924The Heart Buster
Rose Hillyer
 1924Fight and Win
Holly Malloy
 1924Winning His Way (Short)
Holly Malloy
 1924Jack O'Clubs
Queenie Hatch
 1924The Marriage Circle
Miss Hofer
 1923Pure Grit
Stella Bolling
 1923The Rivals (Short)
 1923The Wild Party
Bess Furth
Mary Lou Kileen
 1923The Victor
Chewing gum baron's daughter
Joan Dunster
 1923Under Secret Orders (Short) 
 1923The Phantom Fortune
Mary Rogers
 1923The Prisoner
 1922Pure and Simple (Short) 
 1922Kings of the Forest (Short)
 1922Timberland Treachery (Short)
 1922Love Taps (Short) 
 1922The Lone Hand 
 1922Pals of the West
 1922The Gypsy Trail (Short)
Dorothy Gorman
 1922Tracked Down (Short)
Dorothy Alden
 1922Come Clean (Short)
Sally Faivre (unconfirmed)
 1922Dead Game (Short)
Eva Mason
 1922Unmasked (Short)
Flora McKenzie
 1922Daring Danger
Ethel Stanton
 1921The Good Black Sheep (Short) 
 1921Crossing Trails
Helen Stratton
 1921What Do Men Want? (uncredited)
 1921The Kid
Extra in Heaven Scene (uncredited)
 1920Whispering Devils
Rose Gibbard
 1920The Butterfly Man (uncredited)
 1920The Peddler of Lies
Undetermined Role
 1918For Husbands Only
Bit Part (uncredited)
 1918The Doctor and the Woman
Undetermined Secondary Role (uncredited)

Minor Role (uncredited)
Show ShowSoundtrack (1 credit)
Show ShowSelf (4 credits)
Show ShowArchive footage (4 credits)

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