Sunday, January 7, 2018

For Northern Haze, Indigenous Rock is a Family Affair

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For Northern Haze, Indigenous Rock is a Family Affair
Hailing from the tiny hamlet of Igloolik in one of Canada's far northern territories, Inuit hard rock group Northern Haze has sustained a 40-year career rooted in a desire to promote and celebrate their community.
Nine Synth Records Designed to Scare

A plethora of imaginary soundtracks, creepy concept albums, and occult hymns that share a common goal: freaking you out.

A Walk Through the Tropical Paradise of the Monster Rally Catalogue

Musician and visual artist Ted Feighan has built a discography that relies on the warm, breezy sound of Tropicália and the glamour of Old Hollywood.

Bandcamp Weekly - Praise Music

2017 gave us a wealth of great music from all over the globe, in every conceivable genre. These are the records we couldn't stop playing.


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